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There are many things that I could write about myself but, reading what I have written on this blog alone, will give you an idea of who I am. I am passionate about life and am always in a continual state of  fascination and captivation for all that is in it and all that makes it. I love to write anything from songs to poems to short stories but, because writing for me is such an intimate practice that requires a lot of focus on every word’s ability to touch a feeling, a nerve, a twist in your heart, and a spark in your thoughts–what I write is specially created for only the present at hand.

“You write in order to change the world…. The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” –James Baldwin

To live a life of expressivity is paramount and I find it important to exist in a continual state of creativity and movement with as much gratitude and amazement for the present. I love discovering new circuits of life and find myself thrilled by imagination and ideas.

You are the very reason I write, so continue to be. Continue to move with intention and with the highest belief in yourself and dreams.





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